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I want to celebrate you queen!

If you are here, that means you took time for yourself, prioritized your body and your pleasure.

And that is the first and hugely important step on the journey of becoming sensually savvy and embodying the sensual serpent within.

As promised, below you'll find your free juicy goodies!

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1. SENSUAL SELF VOYAGE  - Guided Audio Practice 

This practice is a journey of discovery that allows you to sharpen your senses and tune into more subtle sensations. Each sense stimulates different parts of the brain and allows us to connect with the body and to feel more pleasure. You will need: essential oils or rose water, fruits like grapes or strawberries, chocolate, a feather and a good quality speaker or headphones to fully appreciate the music.

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2. BECOME SENSUALLY SAVVY - Journaling Prompts 


If tuning into your sensations was challenging, maybe you felt numb or disconnected from your body, or if you felt a lot but want to take your sensuality to the next level, I invite you to reflect and go deeper on this sensual exploration following the questions I share in this PDF. Take some time for yourself, and remember where your focus goes energy flows, so with intention and focus you will become more and more sensually savvy. 

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3. SENSUAL SERPENT - Playlist 

This week we will transform our bedroom into a sensual love ashram - an oasis where you feel safe and at home and that you’re excited to enter. To me, music is one of the essential elements of setting the tone and atmosphere. So dim your lights, ignite an incense and press play. Slow down, relax, and FEEL.

Find the Playlist HERE and make sure to save it!


Ready to dive even deeper?

Ladder to Bliss is my intimate 12-week mastermind, dedicated to the female body, for women ready to reclaim their sexual essence and create an extraordinary, blissful life. You'll receive more exclusive guided audio practices, live coaching sessions, theory, exercises, and the opportunity to connect with an epic community.


If you're feeling called to awaken to your orgasmic potential and become liberated in all areas of your life, click below to learn more. 

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