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When women gather, magic happens. There is a shared experience that all women have and feel, which can only be understood fully by other women. Sharing life lessons, stories, wisdom, and healing together forms a bond of sisterhood that is very strong and empowering.


Together with some of her favorite practitioners, dear sisters, and the founder Miriam Adler, they continue to co-create LA LUNA retreats; an immersive experience held within the wild beauty of nature curated to bring forth profound self-exploration, connection, and transformation.


Feminine energy is welcomed, cultivated, and cherished through sacred rituals, ancient ceremonies, and sensuality practices.


Women heal their divorce wounds, change their life trajectory get clarity in their transition period, blossom into new versions of themselves, and find soul sisters for life. 


La Luna has hosted over 10 retreats and has an active community of over 300 women around the world.


Recently, they created “the UNION” where both women and men, couples and singles are invited to participate together.  

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“I walked into this journey with a lot of deep fear and hurt and a difficulty to receive and be held. I emerged as a strong woman who claimed her power and is walking in her light.

I will forever cherish this experience and the connections we created. I am excited to plant the seeds given to us this week and see what the road ahead holds.”





“I have been to many good detox retreats all over the world, but I still felt empty and full of anger, fear and hate. La Luna Retreat is the FIRST retreat that really changed me and moved something inside me. Since leaving, something feels different inside me. I don’t know exactly how or why it happened. Everyone at the retreat helped me a LOT in changing my perspective in life. Now I choose to “choose” love instead of hate, fear and anger….You thought me to feel again” 





“During the week-long journey, many emotional layers of sadness, grief and shame were shed in order to heal. Together we meditated, reflected, learned tools to forgive, to express ourselves, to create and recreate. To transform and blossom.
I arrive3d with a silenced voice and feelings of betrayal. I left Sian Kaan knowing and believing in my sacred feminine, my worth, me essence, my magic and my life purpose. I will tell and embrace my truth and inner voice always.”





“I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things that have happened since the retreat! If feels so good. I no longer live the structure. I live with practice. I no longer do what I should. I do what I want. My self-care game is on fire. The retreat was so great for me in terms of the never-ending conversation, straight heart-to-heart shares within minutes of meeting, and the relatability. It was so lovely to just BE with you all.”


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