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It's Time

Here are my mastery pathways to activate you fully into a rich and pleasure centered life...These courses are deeply enriched, fully comprehensive with materials and media to tantalize your journey
towards sensual and sexual mastery

Feminine Mastery.   Epic Sex.   Epic Living.
Full Expression.   Full Power & Pleasure. 





Reawaken the Feminine through the Sacred Portal of your Breasts

A 5 week course of Letting Go, Loving the Self, & Experiencing Untapped Infinite Pleasure through the Sacred Mystery of your Breasts

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Thank you, Bibi, for a powerful journey into the breasts and heart!! For me, it was a place of joy and pleasure during a difficult time. I was so grateful to have been held, witnessed and unconditionally welcomed by Bibi and the other women.  Bibi, your care and creative fire is so evident throughout the course: from each expertly-crafted journey, to the visuals, to the incredible custom music. And I’m so grateful for the stunning library of practices that I continue to use on my own. I learned to connect to my breasts on a transformative level and experienced new and exciting levels of pleasure. I'm building a new future for myself, one that is deeply rooted in my erotic wholeness and well-being! 






Unlocking your Orgasm for Deep Healing & Full

Sexual Empowerment 

A mastermind for the body aligning you to your true source of vitality and orgasmic potential; reclaiming yourself into sexual liberated feminitity

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Online group mentorship for couples


Erotic journey for deeper intimacy

A 12 week journey to intimate sexual and emotional presence with your partner, where souls merge and relationships thrive.

Bibi has the gifts of a love medium - she helped us achieve a higher standard of understanding communicative conscious love making and gave us the necessary tools to physically achieve love making on an extraordinary level of mind body and soul. Her teachings are something the world needs more than ever - All relationships need to know these tools. It teaches you the truie wisdom on how to connect metaphysical and physical with your partner and experience the most natural way to love your partner. The level of orgasmic experience has been raised to an incredibly cosmic and beautiful experience for us since the course. We are so grateful for her method of teaching, answers to all our questions, and making us feel so comfortable.


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Ladder to Bliss exceeded my expectations far beyond what I could have imagined. Each week opened me more and more. I fully committed to the calls, practices and workbooks and am blown away by my transformation. I hesitated at first because I thought I couldn't afford it but I followed my intuition and did it anyways. After years of sexual trauma work. I still hadn't been able to orgasm with a partner and physical touch was extremely difficult for me. It brought a new level of trust and depth to my relationship and also allowed me to feel safe enough to finally explore pleasure. I began to amp up my manifesting powers and thousands of dollars started coming in out of "nowhere".  Most importantly though, I have connected to the Divine Goddess within me that is so alive, aligned and clear.  Bibi is the perfect doula this process.  I can't thank Bibi enough for this course and her commitment to guiding each woman that enters this work.



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