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An awakener of power and sensation, I guide you into deeper states of fulfillment. I weave powerful practices into peoples lives, serving as a vessel for conscious intimacy in modern times.


After 15 years in finance and banking, I took the leap and embarked on a personal growth journey into sexuality and experienced my first full body orgasm at the age of 35.

I woke up the serpent within and unleashed into a new embodiment in the bedroom and beyond. 


I embraced myself as an orgasmic being and live a radiant, free, and successfully opulent lifestyle.


My work connects the heart and mind with soul and sensation; meeting each person where they are at in their journey.


My years of service allow me to navigate your unique needs with masterful practices, passion, and practically. I'm a powerhouse of energy that I infuse in every moment together. 


Integrating PLEASURE and POWER

About      Me

My mission is to help you reclaim your body, your pleasure, your power. You came here for a reason, to release your most expressed and embodied version of yourself. I stand before you as a nurturer and warrior to your feminine truth.

After 15 years of working in finance and banking, fitting in into corporate structures, compulsive traveling, casual sex and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment, I redesigned my life completely.


‍Today I can have 25 orgasms in a row with or without a partner. I feel radiant, creative, confident, full of energy and looking and feeling younger than ever.

Now I’m on a mission to share how I got here with you.


Our society struggles with intimacy now more than ever. I’ve taken what I learned to craft the kind of sex education we all need not only for great sex, but for richly fulfilling lives


I’ve shared teaching and practices with around 15.000 of people across the world, sparking deep conversations in the places where you’d least expect it.


I have given over 300 talks both in English and Spanish and spoke at events, conferences, festivals and online summits from Philippines to Mexico. 


I have given workshops to hundreds of people both in person and online. 


I have been a guest on over 15 podcasts and featured in Vogue Magazine ….


I have worked with women, couples and men …..


Today I’m living authentically and consciously, in touch with myself and the things that truly nourish me. Most of the year you can find me in Tulum, Mexico, where I am close to nature and do work that brings together my local community. I dance under the stars, swim naked in the cenotes and kite surf in my lunch break. 


If I was able to leave corporate golden cage behind at age over 30, find my purpose and redesign my life, so can you. It’s listening to, embodying and acting on your values in all parts of your life. Ultimately, it’s embracing your body and your authentic voice. 

Sexuality is such a profound tool in developing these skills. As you begin to freely expressing yourself in bed, you discover how to tap into your own inherent, sacred energy.


Before you know it, you’ll see how seamlessly this translates in all areas of your life.

With Pleasure,     Bibi

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