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Hi  Love!  

Welcome to Your
Erotic Glow Activation!


If you are new to my world... THANK YOU for your trust.

I am Bibi, and I am ecstatically passionate about you becoming fully empowered, sensually fulfilled and freely expressed. 


By using these practices you can turn on your own radiant body, your inner goddess, and embrace your magnetic uniqueness in just a few minutes. No makeup, pills, or alcohol required. Enjoy!

Let this be the seed of a sensual liberation journey we take together.

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I invite you to simply be in presence, raise your vibration and observe how this can shift the energy in your day. Remember, it's all about the journey, so no specific destination here love. You can use it as a warm up to your self-pleasure practice or as a standalone practice to relax and come back to your body. 

Music by Eric Marteau 

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This is a sweet and simple introduction to initiate a connection with your breasts. My intention behind this short practice is that you repeat it regularly, creating deeper connection with what I call: The Sacred Portal of the Breasts. The more love and radiance you activate in your breasts, the deeper you´ll enhance your erotic glow. Take a dive into this road of self-discovery.

Music by Jordi Cantos

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This practice will bring that irresistible spark in your eye and glow in your face. It is an energy booster, so see it as a sacred way to substitute your morning coffee, use it before going on a date, or in preparation for an important meeting. It will remind the inner power that pulses within you. Lastly, its an invitation to be playful, creative, and bold so you can see how far your radiant glow can go.

Music by Janax Pacha

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Ready to dive even deeper?

Ladder to Bliss is my intimate 12-week mastermind, dedicated to the female body, for women ready to reclaim their sexual essence and create an extraordinary, blissful life. You'll receive more exclusive guided audio practices, live coaching sessions, theory, exercises, and the opportunity to connect with an epic community.


If you're feeling called to awaken to your orgasmic potential and become liberated in all areas of your life, click below to learn more. 

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