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Talks   &   Retreats

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I have a talent of making topic of sex less taboo, opening doors for conscious & judgement free conversations 


From years of experience in corporate world, has lived in 8 countries, speaks 6 languages



Participants share life changing results after the experience


I love making complex ideas easy to grasp & apply



I leave my audience inspired & desiring for so much more :)


Consistently rated among the top 5 speakers by MINDVALLEY event participants, and has spoken among some of the worlds most powerful thought leaders. 


Regularly keynoted for YPO & EO events and featured at a variety of global retreats and local forums. 


BIBI continuously receives premium viewership and ratings from her online speaking engagements from Mexico, Colombia, Philippines and several cities across the United States.


  • Energetic Lovemaking 101 

  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Intimacy 

  • From Sex to Superconsciousness 

  • The Art of Foreplay


- Summit LA

- Summit Tulum 

- Harvest, 6 Senses, Kaplankaya 



- Monastery Festival by Gardens of Babylon, Gosh, Germany 

- Garbicz Festival, Garbicz, Poland  

- Beyond Festival, Capadocia, Turkey 

- Good Vibes Festival, Bonjuk Bay, Turkey



- Several YPO & EO Retreats & Forums 

- 'Leaders create Leaders' Mastermind retreat with Gerard Adams ,Tulum, Mexico

- The St.Regis Couples Retreat, Punta Mita, Mexico 

- Female on Fire Mastermind Retreat,

Ashley Haan, Charlotte, US



- MindValley Summit 

- MindValley Fit Body for Life Seminar

Top   Keynotes





I hired Bibi to host a workshop for my Mastermind and It was the highest rated workshops of the entire 3 days. She has a way of teaching in front of a room that makes you feel safe, empowered, and relatable which creates a safe space to unleash your deepest desires and tap into creative sexual energy that you never knew existed. She is an expert at her craft and one of the most compelling speakers of our generation.


Entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist




Bibi was a fantastic resource for our Austin YPO Gold couples retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Her intimacy and energetic love making classes were a hit with our group and highly rated. She made them fun and informative and presented the topics in a very professional manner and in a beautiful setting. I would highly recommend Bibi as a resource.


Chapter Chair Austin YPO Gold



Bibi brings a powerful transmission on deep intimacy and connection; out of our of hundreds of sessions at Summit LA, this was by far the single best session. Thanks so much Bibi and may your message spread wide!


Co-founder and CEO of Mindvalley




Bibi Brzozka led an incredibly illuminating and inspiring talk about sacred sexuality at WOOM CENTER, NYC. I was delighted to discover the amount of profound knowledge I ended up walking away with. Bibi conducted the dialogue with so much integrity and courage. She fearlessly dove deep into the most interesting details of this ancient practice, using information she drew both from her studies and personal experience. I personally felt very empowered to learn things about myself that my body already knew, and our members, both male and female, left wanting more.


Founder Womb Center, New York



Bibi took control of the crowd and brought us through a journey & exploration of what it means to really connect to our partner and connect to our own sexuality. Also, igniting a passion inside of me for combining and getting my own personal, masculine and feminine, to come together and find the right balance in relationship with myself, not only in a partnership. Bibi did a great job of giving us knowledge, making us laugh, and helping to see profound moments of truth about our own experience in our sexuality.


Ceo & Founder of Jugofresh, Miami


Wow. Her precision and simplicity in guiding and explaining the steps to tap into my own inner pleasure source, through, breath, gentle touch, and light movement was profound. I have read so many esoteric books on tantra, taken classes, attempted by myself to connect to this energy that felt elusive and mysterious. Bibi guided me there, to my own energy source in a clear and accessible way. She has the gift of synthesizing information and teaching it to all experience levels. I am so grateful to finally, after 30 years, know how easy it is to be in touch with my own pleasure. Feeling this empowerment within myself has affected my relationship with my partner. I am no longer expecting him to be the sole provider of my satisfaction. The pressure is off which has done wonders for our dynamic. I am committed to continuing this path of connection and plan to do the breast massage course next. Very inspired and feeling very alive.


La Luna Womens Retreat, Formentera, Spain


I was fortunate enough to attend Bibi’s Energetic Lovemaking workshop at the Monastery festival in which she took us on a journey into boundary breaking self-exploration. It was truly one of the most expansive experiences in my life. With a simple guided practice and in just a short amount of time she had me tap into my orgasmic energy which then rushed through my entire body, energy explosion! I felt an intensity of self-love and power I had never experienced before and walked out of that workshop completely in awe of the expansive potential that lies dormant within us, just waiting to be awakened. It was without doubt the catalyst to a transformational journey. I quit my corporate job shortly after and started calling in a life more in alignment with my desires. More importantly, I had my first orgasm and maaaany more after that! A year later I had the opportunity to stay with her in Tulum to do some 1:1 coaching and to learn the magic tricks to building a life worth living. She cuts through the crap, while holding space for you to fully embody every part of your goddess being and grow into the best version of yourself.


Monestary Festival, Goch, Germany



I attended Bibi's Energetic Lovemaking workshop at the Nomade and my mind was blown when I learned that it's possible to have a full-body orgasm. I was even more shocked to learn you could achieve not just one, but multiple orgasms through breathwork alone. The next morning I went to the breath work workshop at Nomade that Bibi recommended, and I had my first full-body orgasm right then and there. It really is true that when you know something is possible it unlocks the door for you to experience it. It was a beautiful experience.


Workshop, Nomade Tulum, Mexico

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