In my Introduction to Energetic Lovemaking talk I focus on sex education that is not taught in schools. I shift people's perception of sexuality and allow them to understand the role of sex in accessing peak experiences of love, increased bliss, oneness, and healing.

Energetic Lovemaking, also described as Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Sex or Tantra, allows human beings to use sexuality not only for pleasure and procreation, but also for reaching higher states of consciousness. When two human beings combine meditation, loving energy with erotic energy, a transcendent experience occurs, one that is often profoundly healing, which can shift your whole perception of reality.

In the talk I share my personal story and use simple examples that everyone can resonate with. I offer tangible takeaways and clear tips on how to move sexual energy, how to exchange it with your partner and how to deepen the intimacy.  


Bibi Brzozka led an incredibly illuminating and inspiring talk about sacred sexuality at WOOM CENTER, NYC. I was delighted to discover the amount of profound knowledge I ended up walking away with. Bibi conducted the dialogue with so much integrity and courage. She fearlessly dove deep into the most interesting details of this ancient practice, using information she drew both from her studies and personal experience. I personally felt very empowered to learn things about myself that my body already knew, and our members, both male and female, left wanting more. 

Elian Zach 

founder Woom Center, New York


Bibi took control of the crowd and brought us through a journey & exploration of what it means to really connect to our partner and connect to our own sexuality.
Also, igniting a passion inside of me for combining and getting my own personal, masculine and feminine, to come together and find the right balance in relationship with myself, not only in a partnership. 

Bibi did a great job of giving us knowledge, making us laugh, and helping to see profound moments of truth about our own experience in our sexuality.

Matthew Sherman

CEO & Founder of JugoFresh, Miami



Bibi is able to communicate a complex and misunderstood topic, conscious (tantric) sex, in an engaging and relaxed way.

In 90 minutes she covers the breadth of the subject, so that students walk away with new ideas and tools to apply in their lives... or choose to delve deeper into tantra practices.

Bibi was funny, and her audience was completely absorbed... a great workshop on all fronts. 

Myk Likhov 

founder Modern ŌM, Miami 

Bibi presents a game changing perspective on tantric sexuality that challenges the status quo and obligates oneself to ask: Am I presenting the best most evolved version of me in my sexual relationships, consequently attracting partners that can meet me and cultivate true intimacy through conscious sexuality? Her practical no nonsense approach to understanding the true intrinsic benefits of tantra creates a clear path for anyone who is ready to become a better lover, partner, healer and friend to easily embrace. She is living proof that one can, with some work, move from an orgasmic-less world to becoming a master of the Yoni-verse and tap into the limitless vortex of orgasmic energy.
— Roland Peralta, Co-Founder & CEO of Nutrafol, founder of Kama Flight Massage, New York