Tulum is much more than white sand beaches & trendy butique hotels. It is Pueblo Magico, an energy vortex, a unique combination of jungle, medicine woman & mayan culture, mixed with yoga, healthy food & local community of conscious people. Tulum can help you heal, transform & see life from different perspective. Yet, when you arrive as first time visitor all this magic and hidden gems might remain undiscovered & taken over by overpriced meals, tourist traps & loud parties.

This is why I want to offer a week experience with Tulum local, someone who has walked this path herself & who wants to share it with others. After 12 years of working in cubical in finance & banking sector, I quit my job to come to Tulum for the ‘end of the world“. Yet for me it was the new beginning. I started my daily meditation practice, participated in my first ayauaska and peyote ceremony, heart about tantra for the first time & simply - woke up¡ The seed was planted. Now its time to give back.

2 years ago I moved to Tulum. I am aligned with my purpose – I work as a wellness director in my favorite hotel in Tulum, give clases on sacred sexuality, bring together local community, dance under the stars, swim naked in the cenotes & live healthy exciting life. 

My lifestyle sparked an interest among some of my old friends, who came to stay with me in the cozy oasis I now call home. That is when more magic started to happen. After the 5th person left inspired, lighter, more aware & claiming this trip to be one of the most impactful, I decided to open my home to those I do not know. This is why you are reading this invitation now.

Staying with me is more than a roof above the head & bed to sleep on. It is an experience. A chance to taste the life of Tulum local with a local, to participate in interesting activities as well as medicinal plants ceremonies. An opportunity to enjoy intimate events with the local community, getting connected to local healers & celebrate life in a healthy, conscious way.
Ideally I recommend staying for a week or 10 days. Please contact me for details. 


Hear from my guests…

“Staying with Bibi was the most fun, spontaneous and enriching experience I've had in my life.  Truly transformational.  Her home is not only beautiful but has a vibe and warmth that I absolutely adored.  The space is decorated with incredible style with beautiful unique pieces of furniture, art, books, textiles.  I wanted to take it all home with me.  The guest space is comfortable and Bibi is thoughtful and accommodating in every way.   But the real magic lies in the time spent with Bibi.  She is a beautiful, evolved and enlightened human being.  Always working on herself and helping others.  She has a group of beautiful friends and a wonderful life in Tulum.  And she shares it all with you!!  With Bibi you will explore hidden gems in Tulum, participate in local rituals, meditations, yoga, and other interesting activities, eat at the most delicious spots and meet many other beautiful souls visiting or living in Tulum.  You will have ALL of the insider tips and guidance to have the best stay possible.  I decided to extend my trip while I was there and Bibi was so welcoming and excited that I would stay and enjoy just a little longer.  As Bibi says, buy a one way ticket because you will NOT want to leave, I can guarantee it!  I gotta go...because I'm plotting my return....”
Cristina F, Miami