Reawaken the Feminine through the Sacred Portal of your Breasts

5 weeks Journey Of Letting Go, Loving the Self, & Experiencing Untapped Infinite Pleasure through the Sacred Mystery of your Breasts.

1 - 29 September


Does this Resonate?

You judge your breasts ( 71% of women )

You are not comfortable when your breasts are stimulated

You feel numbness in your breasts & do not experience full pleasure

You feel closed off / armor around your heart

You are more in the masculine “doing” mode; & less access to your sensual feminine side

You have low libido

You have body image issues

You are not experiencing orgasms easily

You had breast implants & lost sensitivity

You are a breast cancer survivor or have a history of breast cancer

You hold on to pain from previous heartbreaks

You feel scared to open to love

Imagine Yourself

Open, Loving and Radiant – beyond your looks or age

Feminine, Sexy, Confident, Deeply Embodied and Sensual

Full of Pleasure, lots of it (not just in your pussy but full body pleasure)

A Goddess; fully Orgasmic & Powerfully Magnetic.

Emotionally at Peace, able to let go of Perfectionism, feeling Light and Free

Confident Enough to initiate your Partners into Dream Lovers

Fully committed to your Feminine Sensual Practice and staying with it with ease and joy


your Temple

Your Breasts are at the center of what it means to be a woman.
And yet, our breasts are not given the conscious attention, tender love, and stimulation they deserve.

Learning how to LOVE our boobs and to care for these integral parts of our female bodies is the first step on the road to healing.

It’s not about their size, their perkiness, or even their age. It’s about how they make you feel, how much pleasure they bring to you, and how much they open you to the sensual orgasmic embodied women you truly are.

My story


Hated my breasts & was embarrassed by them.


Love my breasts & feel how they love me back.

Lack of pleasure from my breast.

Regularly experience breast, nipple &

Dreaded taking off
my bra on dates & couldn't allow men to stimulate me.

Run around braless and embrace this part of me fully in intimacy.

Slouched to hide my flat chest.

Am absolutely in love with breast play and can experience it for hours.

Felt a lack of sensation with my breasts.

Am soooo sensitive & sensual that I can scream from pleasure when they are touched.

Did not feel fully feminine or experienced myself as
a goddess.

Have a regular sexy and exciting breast temple practice to tap into my sensual feminine body.

Have a pattern of attracting non-sensual lovers and performing to please them.

Filled with radiance from the practice, creating a feminine magnetism, bringing me experiences & people I want effortlessly in my life.

Some of the areas we cover;


In Taoist & Tantric traditions, the breasts are outward-facing & expressive. From here a woman opens, radiates, expands, expresses, & reaches out to the world.

Connecting to them gives us the capacity to open and nourish our feminine essence and radiance.


Breast massage releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which gives us the feeling of love from within, without a need of a partner, child, pet or anything outside of yourself.


Breasts are actually the gateway to a woman's arousal, as our heart chakra opens us up to sexual pleasure. Nipples are our closest erogenous zone to heart. Regular breast love practice increases their sensitivity and helps lubrication.


Regular  breast massage is a foundational practice for deeper experiences of arousal and orgasm, as they wake up the entire body. They can lead to nipple-gasms, heart-gasms and full body orgasms.


There are 6 acupuncture meridians that run through your breast, including the kidney meridian, which is connected to sexual arousal and libido.


Breast massage activates lymphatic system, detoxifies, boosts hormonal flow, and is believed to reduce risk of breast cancer.


Pleasure, orgasm, breastgasms, and magical foreplay into your bed.
First with yourself and then with a partner.


Breasts are connected to your heart. It helps you to connect deeply to a partner in lovemaking. You’ll find your genuine “YES” with a deep yearning and desire for making love in deeper connections.


Open your heart to love. To give and to receive. Love yourself first so that you can also powerfully call in what you want and desire without need.


Releasing all of those crappy beliefs that your breasts are for this or for that and not YOU, that your body is not good enough, that you need a surgery or a diet or a partner to make you whole. We will break that down and make you feel free. Free to be and free to create your own story!


Have detoxified, firm, luscious and alive breasts and develop continuous practices to keep them healthy.


What's Inside

The course offers clear, structured, sexy, and practical guides and practices.

Through guided reflection, valuable theory, and intuitive practices, profound activations of your breast are realized. It’s a stylish, sexy and exciting journey through your breast reawakening.

It contains

Clear and beautifully-designed PDFs with the WHY and WHAT of each module

Guided audio and video practices with designed original musical scores to take you on a visceral and sensual journey; explaining the steps of each practice

Journaling practices tailored for each module

Practical cheat-sheets for easy access via your phone

A custom playlist to go with each part of the journey  - I make epic sexy playlists, if you haven’t heard

A support group of all the women who have taken the course

Bonus Content


Videos to get your partner engaged and supportive of this experience


Video practices that activate your partner to become a maestro of your breasts and foreplay virtuoso


Video of my own personal, intimate, real breast-love practices



Additionally I am offering LIVE CALL with me every last Tuesday of the month for everyone taking this course at their own pace, so you can have access to me, ask questions, share your experiences.


Guest Teachers

Jennifer Partridge

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert & yogi with a wild heart.

Yeva Don

Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, designer.

Sara Nory

Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, past life regression facilitator, artist.

Cheyenne Sapphire

Dancer, performer, tantric dance facilitator.

Women Transformed

Upon starting my journey with Bibi I was skeptical about many things but especially breast and nipple orgasms. I have had a love-hate relationship with my breasts for ever and they felt completely numb to me, the last place I would look for pleasure.

I’m always one to give it a good go and so I started massaging my breasts regularly with the guided audios and it was such a beautiful way to grow a loving relationship with my breasts. It was like they were waiting for this for a long time. As I started caring for them as regular ritual, they responded and came back to life.

Then one time with a partner, feeling completely surrendered and connected to my entire body, even the boobies, I had my first ever breast orgasm!! And they keep on coming :) Thank you Bibi for showing me what the female body is capable of! 

I, Amsterdam

Wow. I have received my first guided Breast Massage from a friend during Bibi's course and it was a huge revelation.

First I want to say I believed my breasts were not a hugely sensual area for me. My nipples are super sensitive and when someone stimulated me it felt like too much.

I was never a big fan of my partners touching them, and myself I never gave them much attention neither. For the first time I experience breast stimulation as something pure, deeply connecting and sacred, rather than sexual action leading to penetration. It was profound, loving and so intimate. I discovered different parts of my breasts felt differently. I felt so much pleasure around my breasts. So many different sensations. Combined with breath I connected with the giver, my friend, as my partner could not join and I wanted to learn! We are neither romantic nor sexual with each other.

The space Bibi led us into I felt so safe, that I could relax and fully surrender. It was so revealing to connect so deeply in this new way. I felt pleasure and I did get a bit turned on yet it was about being fully in the moment, receiving, devoting time to that part of the body and connecting.

Anna Lisa, Ibiza

Most of my life I couldn’t feel my breasts. Except for an occasional pain, they were numb to pleasure - both to my own touch and the touch of others. 

Last winter that I joined Bibi’s course and activates my breasts & open them to pleasure.

Pleasurable sensations started to awaken deep inside and slowly started to surface and connect to the external touch of my hands.

By the end of that week, not only my breasts did not disassociate at someone else’s touch, but actually responded with pleasurable vibration and sensation. 

I find the practices grounding and nourishing in times of anxiety or emotional distress, bringing me back to my body and into a state of softness.

Maria, Berlin

I've never had any type of interaction with my breasts, which may sound strange since it's a part of our body, but I've never put any attention to it.

When I did the course with Bibi, everything changed.
From opening your heart, feeling and letting go of emotions, to fully experiencing sensations in your body... even breast orgasms!

Bibi guided me to explore, discover, understand my emotions, & sensations within my body.

Always from a compassionate, kind, and loving perspective. Our society disregards all the power and love we have in our breasts. Far from feeling shame, guilt, or comparison with others... our breasts are love, a magic place where we can feel and experience pleasure and kindness. Thank you Bibi for your work.

Carlota, Barcelona

Working with Bibi, I began to come into contact with a part of me that had been disconnected for a long time.

I discovered that, for me, my favorite moment to connect with my breasts was in the shower: taking the time, putting on the music, feeling the water.

It was really liberating to find this powerful energetic point that I had not explored.

And every time that I do the practice, I discover more connection & sensation.
I see myself differently, I feel myself differently. And I feel more connected to my feminine self.

This new awareness of my own body also changed the way I love myself and that I love my partner. So much more magic and life-force embodiment!.

Lili, Mexico

During the course I found out the magic of the breasts. I used to think my breasts were too small and this made me insecure about them. When I realized the importance of my breasts and how much sensation I could experience from them, my perspective started to change and I started to love them. Step by step I felt more comfortable to share my breasts with my partner and we started to explore what felt good for me.

The first weeks of this exploration came with emotional release. Now I feel my breasts are a beautiful way to open my heart and to feel safe & to really enjoy intimacy. Energetically when massaging the breasts it activates my whole sexual being and I feel sexy & feminine.

Annemijn, Amsterdam

Always touch your boobs girls! I wouldn’t be here otherwise! After breastfeeding my 3 children I felt so connected to my breasts. I lost that giving part of myself after getting breast cancer. I didn’t feel a big part of my breasts anymore after mastectomy, I lost a part of myself.

Now, after practicing breast massage, I feel more, deeper and more intense. The connection between the heart and the breasts is there again. Bibi practices and cheat sheets were genius and helped both me and my partner! We connected deeper than ever.


There was a lack of intimacy with myself at the beginning of the course. Than I started to cultivate relationship with part of myself I never did before; my big breasts.

As a result my partner understood how to give them slow, loving attention. I have fallen in love with my breasts.
I don’t wear a bra anymore and I have breasts orgasms weekly!




I am on a mission to make full breast activation
an everyday reality for all women.

I have seen so many women, time and time again, in my courses have completely life-changing experiences by bringing awareness, love, care and sensational pleasure to their breasts.

As you begin to freely express and feel yourself, you discover how to tap into your own inherent sacred energy. Before you know it, you’ll see how seamlessly this translates in other areas of your life.

As you become more orgasmic and sensually awakened you begin to truly embrace your authentic self and become magnetic. I started to live my truth and people were drawn to it.  

Let’s reclaim our breasts and fully awaken them as sensuous sacred temples to our pleasure, our power,  and our radiance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course live or self-paced? 

At this moment it is self-paced.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

There are also Homeplay Audios. They start with 30 min and go up to 1 hour in the last weeks. It would be ideally if you can repeat the guided audio practice 3 times each week.

You will also have a theory summary and questions to journal in the weekly PDFs, which is another 1 hour a week.

There is also an optional guest teacher practice every week. It varies between 30 min to 1 hour. Again these are optional, so if you are struggling with finding time you can do them at your convenience after the course, as you will have access to the materials.  In total I would say it's between 4 - 5 hours a week.

How long do I have access to the content?

I want to say for life but since things on this planet can change dramatically, I guarantee 10 years but strive to leave it up for life. 

Do I need to have a partner for this mentorship?

No you don't. Pleasure is ours and we don't need anyone to feel it. A conscious partner is great, but you are an orgasmic, erotic being with or without a partner. I believe that once you claim your pleasure, you become more radiant and magnetic and it is easier to attract the partner you want.

And to make things easier I give you an intro video and video tutorial for partner breast massage, so you can easily invite and initiate new or old partner into this practice.

Is this course for heterosexual women only?

Is this course for women only? 

Is this course appropriate if I have implants? 

Is this course appropriate if I had my breasts removed? 

I consider myself to be quite advanced and have many personal practices in this space already. Is it worth it for me to take this course?

It this course similar to Ladder to Bliss?

Meet Bibi

After 15 years of working in finance and banking, fitting into corporate structures and masculine standards, while using fat bonuses, casual sex and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment, I became unhappy and confused. Is this it? Is there nothing more to life?

I believed I was too old, not enough and not capable of changing my life trajectory. I embarked on my personal growth journey into conscious sexuality and experienced my first full body orgasm at the age of 35. And from that moment everything changed!

I woke up that serpent within me, tapped into my pussy and things started to align in the bed and beyond! I embraced myself as an orgasmic being and started to turn into a radiant, successful woman.

Today I can have 25 orgasms in a row with or without a partner. I am radiant, creative, confident, full of energy and looking and feeling younger than ever.

I redesigned my life and went from corporate rat race to orgasmic purposeful living with sex at the core.

I witnesses so many women around me going through similar struggles and made it my mission to share all keys I've discovered in that transformation.

Over the past years, I’ve shared Energetic Lovemaking with thousands of people across the world, working with women, men and couples, both in group workshops and 1:1 sessions.

I believe that today more than ever; our world needs women who are dangerously awake, fully alive, and unified in heart and purpose.

That is why this course is so important for me! So come join us in an international tribe of awakened, orgasmic, empowered and unapologetic women.