My Story

From corporate rat race to orgasmic, purposeful living

After 15 years of working in finance and banking, fitting in into corporate structures and using fat bonuses, casual sex and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment, I redesigned my life completely.

As I dug deep for answers on my path to self-discovery, I came across conscious sexuality and experienced my first full body orgasm at the age of 35.

Today I can have 25 orgasms in a row with or without a partner. I am radiant, creative, confident, full of energy and looking and feeling younger than ever.

Now I’m on a mission to share how I got here with you. Our society struggles with intimacy now more than ever. I’ve taken what I learned during my time in the business world to craft the kind of sex education we all need not only for great sex, but for richly fulfilling lives. Over the past years, I’ve shared Energetic Lovemaking with thousands of people across the world, sparking frank conversations in the places where you’d least expect it.

What does your capacity for being multi-orgasmic have to do with creating a fulfilling career? Everything, if you ask me.

Ten years ago, I might not have agreed. I’d have probably rolled my eyes. Orgasms? Fulfillment? Woman, please. I’ve got a meeting to get to.

I’d spent 15 years working for corporate giants like Citibank, KPMG and Thompson Reuters, jet setting around the world and living in beautiful places like Milan, Vienna, Geneva, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. On the outside everything looked great!

I was in full “lean in” mode; a corporate finance bitch, constantly chasing the next promotion or that sweet, juicy, fat bonus. My wallet was full enough, but my inner world was vapid. I was a busy, successful, multitasking machine, too distracted to ask hard questions about myself. I dyed my hair blonde, covered my face with makeup and shoved padding into my A-cups. I sold products I couldn’t have cared less about.

I hated putting on a grey suit each morning, but what does it matter when you can dull the emptiness with some “retail therapy” (is that still the cute euphemism for compulsive shopping?), constant pricey getaways, boozy weekend parties and an endless parade of casual sexual encounters that almost inevitably ended with the dramatic crescendo of another faked orgasm.

Until one day – ENOUGH. It was time for more. My mind, body and spirit demanded it. It was a primal urge that couldn’t be stifled by my old, dependable quick fixes. It was time to cut away the distractions and the being busy for the sake of being busy. It was time to strip away the artifice and see what was really at the core of who I was. It was time to discover my truth and begin living it.

Today, my life looks a bit different: I’m a radiant, fulfilled woman who lives authentically with real purpose.

I don’t need vacations these days. My work fills me with energy instead of draining it.

And orgasms! No fake ones, either. 24 orgasms in a row. I can even reach full-body orgasms for an entire blissful hour. I teach others to do it, too. I live my truth and people are drawn to it.

I get to travel the world sharing what I’ve learned. I teach people how to have great sex, and along the way I’ve also learned that when you truly embrace your authentic self, you become magnetic. But before I got here, I had to take a scary leap into the unknown. It took trial-and-error, a few pitfalls, and some serious soul-searching.

It required redefining wealth to mean not money, but living a life where I can wake up with the sunrise, well-rested and nourished, and pursue projects that I feel passionate about. It meant learning that mistakes are part of the process, that it’s ok to not always be happy, and that I have the tools to navigate through difficult times.

It meant learning to value myself; to truly and fully embrace myself as an orgasmic being and a radiant, successful woman. It meant delighting in being able to share that with the right partner, but knowing that it wasn’t because I needed a partner to be happy. My cup is already full.

“Cool,” you might be thinking;
"So, how do I get from here to there?"

The key is what I like to call harmonious living. This means creating a life where you can fully express yourself without compromise in all of your relationships and in your career. It’s not needing to leave your soul at the door when you leave for work. It’s listening to, embodying and acting on your values in all parts of your life. Ultimately, it’s embracing your authentic voice. You’d be surprised by how many people are waiting to hear it.

Sexuality is such a profound tool in developing these skills. As you begin to freely expressing yourself in bed, you discover how to tap into your own inherent, sacred energy. Before you know it, you’ll see how seamlessly this translates in other areas of your life.

I’ve been there. I know it’s possible. The world is ready to hear from the “real” you. You can live your passion and even monetize it.

Today I’m living authentically and consciously, in touch with myself and the things that truly nourish me. Three years ago, I moved to Tulum, Mexico as it supports my mission and lifestyle. I am close to nature and do work that brings together my local community. I dance under the stars, swim naked in the cenotes and live a healthy, exciting life.

Join me if my story resonates with you, and know that I am here to support you as you write your own.

I know I’m not defined by my Masters degree in finance. I’m defined by those things that provide me with real fulfillment.

I’ve figured out how to create financial abundance by monetizing my passions. It’s authentic, empowering and effortless.

These are the hats I currently wear:
• Conscious Sexuality facilitator/speaker and founder of my signature course, Energetic Lovemaking.
• Wellness Director at Nomade Tulum.
• A conscious fashion designer and brand ambassador.