Awaken to your orgasmic potential and become unapologetic in all areas of your life.

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Ladder To Bliss

In Bed & Beyond

An intimate 10-week online group mentorship for women ready to claim their sexual essence

6 October – 22 December

Imagine you have an abundance of epic orgasms with or without a partner. Imagine you know your amazingness and own it, no matter what people think of you.

Imagine you tap into your pussy power, get out of your head and boost your creativity beyond what you knew was possible. Imagine you get to redefine your age once you realize your orgasms get better and better – who cares about the wrinkles?

All while having practical, sexy tools to cultivate your sexual energy on a daily basis. And on top get powerful rituals to do some sex magic to attract the shit you want in life.

Are you ready for some deep transformation and epic ORGASMS?

Does one or more of these resonate with you?

You are curious to learn and expand your orgasmic potential.

You don’t think that you’re fully expressing yourself sexually.

You don’t orgasm as much as you want to, struggle to orgasm or can only reach one type of orgasm.

You want a high vibration masturbation practice and feel uneasy with self-pleasure.

You have a hard time expressing your own desires. You tend to please others and are left unfulfilled.

You don’t have a partner but you still want to experience more juiciness and epic orgasms in your life.

You tend to go small – You hesitate to own the richness of your own potential.

You feel like there must be more to sex that just “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.

You are always on the run, racing to check off items on a never-ending to-do list and struggle to find time and ways to nurture your pussy power.

You think you have to get laid in order to experience amazing orgasms and sometimes find yourself in “Oh my God, how did I end up here?!?” situations.

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I used to play it small in bed & beyond!

When I was 33, I realized I was not happy with the life I was living. I was working in a career I didn’t like, living in a place that sucked me dry and not attracting the kind of relationships I wanted. I found myself in an early mid-life crisis and set off on a years-long journey searching, digging and just trying to figure things out.

But then I experienced my first full-body orgasm, and everything changed.  

I tapped into my sexual energy and developed daily practices to further cultivate it. I discovered that the benefits extended so far beyond bed.

I believe all women deserve to have the same and I am passionate about sharing my story and how I got to where I am today. I made it my purpose to inspire, educate and support women on that journey.

I created this course to give you the tools, practices and rituals to climb the ladder to bliss so you too can live orgasmically and unapologetically in all areas of your life! 

You won’t find the keys to fulfillment from hiding deep in self-help books. Discover them in the brilliance of your own body through embodiment practices!

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What's Included

10 weekly 1 hour Zoom calls + 30 min. Q&A sessions. All recorded and available to you after the sessions. 
Sexy and powerful guided audio practices for each module. 
Playbook: theory, questions and diary. 
Access to a private WhatsApp group for daily support and empowerment.
My famous sexy playlists.
siSTARhood support system with other like-minded women in the course. 

Course Elements

Each week is full of tools and practices, taking you one step higher on the ladder to bliss!

Here's what you'll get



We activate the power of intention and face the resistant self. 



We get to the bottom of your story, what is blocking you from living a fully orgasmic life? We explore clitorial orgasms.



We will release the old to make space for the new.
We create new pleasure neuro pathways. Breast orgasm practice.



We refill with all the juiciness and what aligns us with our inherent magnetic feminine force. 



We get wild, uninhabited and unapologetic while tapping into our inner sexiness.



We embrace the new sexy, become empowered and give a voice to every part of our feminine being.



We start riding the wave of pleasure by learning about energy orgasms and how to move it through the body. Full body orgasm practice.



We redefine and explore different types of orgasms and make our way towards the top of the ladder. G-spot orgasm practice.



We bring together all skills, pleasure rituals and self-love practices and deepen them further to experience next-level ecstasy and cervical orgasm.



Having become an unapologetic, orgasmic and authentic version of yourself, we call in everything you want in life; we learn sex magic to manifest.

Bonus l

Sacred closing circle.

Bonus ll

Become a member of Bibi's exclusive siSTARhood tribe after the course and recieve ongoing support.


Guest Teachers

We are joined by 8 of my amazing siSTARs with interviews and guided practices to deepen your transformation. 

Paula Davis

Alternative and holistic health, mother of 5.

Miriam Adler 

Breathwork, kundalini yoga, tea ceremony.

Jasmyn Russell

Meditation and yoga.

Rachel Rossitto

Healing music and temple dance.

Yeva Don

Kundalini yoga, meditation, sustainable fashion designer.

Jurate Bitinaite 

Kundalini yoga, breathwork, feminine embodiment.

Jamie Thompson

Holistic sex coach.

Zohar Chiprut

Cacao ceremony, yoga, sacred gatherings.

Yerlin Ramirez

Energetic authority, Tree of light plant medicine.

I once thought that was beyond
my reach and used to...

Chase men thinking I needed to get laid to prove that I was sexy and desirable enough.

Suffer through painfully high heels and stuffed my bra with triple padding so that I’d feel worthy of attention.

Need to drink to excess in order to really relax in bed.

Attract unavailable men and have shitty one-night stands that inevitably ended in yet another faked orgasm.

Masturbate everyday but never really managed to feel satiated.

Only experience clitoral orgasm.

Wear grey suits and work in a dull corporate environment that required me to stifle my true self.

Act like one of the guys, trying to fit into patriarchal work hierarchy, totally unaware of my own powerful feminine energy.

Silence myself by not speaking my truth.

Believe that I wasn’t good enough to start my own business and not worthy enough to make good money.

All that sounds familiar?

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I became more radiant and people noticed

The number one compliment I receive is: I love your energy!

I fell in love with myself – a partner is nice but not something I need

I became multiorgasmic! These days I can have 23 orgasms in a row.

I started to own my sexuality and have OH MY GOD orgasms on my own.

I became unapologetically myself and stopped trying to fit in or please others.

I became more creative and started several businesses.

I created the lifestyle of a millionaire without the millions.

I became fully, authentically myself. I found myself truly secure and at home in my body, my style and in my business. I became empowered and fulfilled. And.. am told I look younger & sexier than 10 years ago!

What Others Have to Say

"Ladder to Bliss is not just a course, it’s an empowerment movement for women’s identity and sexuality. It was exactly what I was needing while at the same time completely exceeding my expectations. It’s allowed me to connect on a whole deeper level with my pleasure, while also become more explorative and inspired in other life aspects like creation, work and relationships.

Beyond inviting us to explore all parts of ourselves in a safe and open way, Bibi guided us to peel the layers to arrive at our subconscious beliefs about sex and sensuality. To top it all off, this course encouraged so much playfulness in day to day life. People saw the glow in me! Bibi is a master curator, a graceful and bold teacher. She’s incredibly real and passionate about women taking responsibility of their sexuality. I whole heartedly recommend this course!"


"The Ladder to Bliss with Bibi has changed my life in ways I didn’t imagine. I entered the course shy, excited, and a little nervous about exploring areas that I left dormant because I was single and afraid to desire something that I didn’t know to have with myself.

The Ladder to Bliss is a course that embraces all of you!
All aspects of the self you fear to be seen, feel, and do deeper with. Through this course, I learned to say yes to me! I learned to embrace all of me! To have intimacy with me. I learned to love myself more by exploring the depths of what I feared. I found myself going deeper into meditation, movement, breathwork, and healing from a traumatic past.

I am grateful every Wednesday with Bibi, the sisterhood, and trust to dive deeper into intimacy we needs to be with!"


“Bibi’s Ladder to Bliss course is really life changing. I believe every single woman out there would benefit from these calls and practices. If you are thinking about’s a must!

I used to be so shy and insecure, and just talking about this subject would make me uncomfortable. During this course I got to reflect on why I was that way and I really grew into a more confident, magnetic, and embodied version of myself.

This course is packed to the brim with content, playlists, home play, and tools which makes the value so much more than you pay for. I have seen a big difference in my relationship and how I even show up in life. I also have experienced a lot more self love towards myself and my body while going through the practices. And I have made great connections with women from all over the world!

I truly believe learning this information should be a requirement for everyone! If there is one course to invest in...this would be it. The positive changes it makes ripples out into all areas of your life. I hope you decide to go on this journey because it’s one of the best reminders that it’s all about the journey!”


"The course is absolutely amazing. It's incredibly well structured and it's a life coaching course.
It really teaches you how to become a new version of yourself; version that really enjoyes pleasure and knows how to find pleasure not just outside, but within yourself.

I have learnt so much!
I learnt about breast massage. I had double mastectomy and did not know I was able to feel that area of my body. I was able to experience heart orgasm!

I have goose bums when i think about it.

The course changed a lot for me; it changed the dynamic of my relationship.
It really takes your from where you are to completely new level. So it is really Ladder to Bliss"


"This course is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I truly fell in love with myself for the first time through this 10 week course. The connection and support in this group moved. My orgasms, laws of attraction, decision making, self respect, energy, and  happiness are just a few areas of my life that have upgraded through these weekly sessions. Bibi’s bold lean into passion and her heart changed my life. My soul is forever impacted by this class and I am eternally grateful."


"The Ladder to Bliss is a journey I hope ALL women take part on. For me, it was a discovery and celebration of my divine feminine and rekindling my sexual energy. A knowledge that we were never taught in school or by any mentor figure growing up. Ladder to Bliss reunites the confidence, the shakti, the sexual energy, and the beautiful feminine power that is within all of us, but we may have lost for forgotten for one reason or another, which I had.

Bibi creates a loving, supportive space and provides you with practices and tools that build onto each other each week. It is such a beautiful journey. I am so grateful to you Bibi, you are a blessing to the divine feminine. THANK YOU for a lifetime teaching that I will cherish for always. I highly recommend the Ladder to Bliss course to all women, especially those seeking to find their sacred inner beauty and sexual bliss. Namaste!"


"Where do i start? Bibi is a giver, a conscious beautiful loving human and a light vibrant dancing soul. Sounds cliche or not but the best 10 weeks of my life, my God what a beautiful inspiring rollercoaster I was in. Bibi, my group of beautiful women, the condense, generous and thorough yet heartwarming material Bibi provided, the guided audios (OMG), the playlist WOW WOW WOW.

Whom ever is reading my testimonial.. Buckle up, have an open heart and mind and get ready to dance with your naked SOUL . From me to you, I wish you eternal peace and love. "


"Every woman has an infinite space of pleasure, we only need to be aware of our big potential and have the courage to explore and honor it. Referring to this, the journey with Bibi was one of the best gift I received from the universe over the years. It Was a beautiful and profound discovery, through all my senses, of the endless energy and pleasure we can move and expand from our yoni and our breath.

The connection and consciousness were spiritual, emotional and physical, often new and really deep throughout the course. I ‘d like to encourage every woman to explore this beautiful journey above all because it leads to the greatest strength we have."


"Bibi’s ladder to Bliss was an awakening that I had been seeking for awhile. She so beautifully crafted and taught us practical exercises to tap into our own sensuality, femininity and power. Our sisterhood was loving and supportive and I looked forward to every session. I am so excited to incorporate Bibi’s tools into my daily life and hope to meet Bibi in person to express my deepest gratitude. "


“Bibi course was truly one of the most expansive experiences in my life. She helped me tap into my orgasmic energy, which then rushed through my entire body, energy explosion! I felt an intensity of self-love and power I had never experienced before. I was in awe of the expansive potential that lies dormant within us, just waiting to be awakened.

It was without doubt the catalyst to a transformational journey. I quit my corporate job shortly after and started calling in a life more in alignment with my desires. More importantly, I had my first orgasm and maaaany more after that! I loved she cuts through the crap, while holding space for you to fully embody every part of your goddess being and grow into the best version of yourself.”


“The type of sex education and awareness that Bibi offers is really something that all women and girls should have learned at a much younger age. We never learn how to be sexual-- our society has limited sex education to pornography and Hollywood romances. But none of which translate into real sexual confidence or connection, which is really much more natural and human. After sessions with Bibi, I began to see myself and my partners in a much more loving and radiant light.

I returned to basic sensations using breath and a meditative state to access higher levels of sexual presence and stopped focusing on how to be "good in bed." She quickly tears apart your limiting beliefs and gets to the root of your blocks to pleasure. These blocks transcend the bedroom and limit the way we think, speak, and love. I feel entirely empowered in a way that I wasn't before. Thank you Bibi! My heart is so open.”


"The Ladder to Bliss course was powerful and amazing. One of the best things I did for myself in 2020! Bibi has created a very well laid out and inspirational course filled with so much knowledge, insights, valuable tools, delicious home play and thought provoking journal prompts. Bibi was able to push us gently out of our comfort zones while encouraging and motivating us to be present with whatever came up during the practices. She reminded us that our sexuality and our pleasure has no limits - it is a journey for us to explore, evolve and grow - both alone and with a partner.

Bibi created a very special intimate container for us to share openly and honestly. It was a magical experience to feel the kindness, love and support of all the women in the course. There was never any judgement - only encouragement and compassion. She allowed space for every woman's experience, thoughts and emotions.

The weekly zoom calls quickly became the highlight of my week and a beautiful time to connect with such open hearted women. I am sad that our time in the course is ending but looking forward to continuing this journey with Bibi and the other siSTARS. This course taught me to allow time for self pleasure and sensuality and to make it into a sacred ritual. It reminded me that I am responsible for my pleasure and joy while teaching me new roadmaps, tools and tricks for feeling heightened and varied types of pleasure. I am reminded to trust my body's intuition, to marvel at everything the female body is capable of, to trust and amplify my feminine power and to show up fully with presence - in the course, in my sexuality, in my life.

Thank you Bibi for this magical journey. I can't wait to see what's next!"


“I wanted to let you know that we’ve been practicing energetic lovemaking and it’s been amazing!!! On Saturday I felt the most amazing full body sensations everywhere and then after being in that orgasmic state for a while I had like 5 peak orgasms. I could just keep going, wow it was crazy!!! I measure my sleep with my aura ring and I had the most amount of deep sleep ever that night. Sex has become such a great meditative exercises for me. Thank you so much.”


"I would highly recommend the Ladder to Bliss course to anyone interested in expanding their sexual potential and deepening their self love practice. The course is a perfect blend of practical and spiritual.

It’s clear that Bibi not only knows her stuff, but has worked hard on this course! It’s thoughtfully designed and I was so excited to join the calls every week! After taking the course, I really feel empowered with a new set of tools to take self love to the next level and to continue to expand my practice on my own. More than that, I’ve felt a shift in how I own and embody my sexuality for myself. Having a group of women to walk this path with has been such a gift and I’ve learned so much from them as well! I’m so glad I made this investment in myself."


"This course is transformative. Not only does Bibi introduce you to potentialities of pleasure you will wish you didn’t learn sooner, but she introduces you to potentialities of yourself you didn’t know possible. The most magical aspects had to do with coming home to myself, my own magic and the possibilities the world has to offer.

The course is beautifully constructed with more material and information than seems fair. I was introduced to new modalities led by Bibi’s deep knowledge and acceptance, her amazing guest teachers and the support of a spectacular group of women. I met incredible souls I will stay connected to for a long time. The container of safety we created made it possible to explore subjects and experiences that are often taboo or simply never discussed. Thank you Bibi for this incredible course!"


"Bibi's course is a beautiful journey of discovery and self discovery. I joined to work on my feminity and re-ignite my sensuality and sexuality but Bibi's teachings lead me so much further through my comfort zone physically and mentally to strenghtening my self-confidence and self-love.

Each week during our live calls Bibi created a safe/sacred space where our group could learn new ways to grow and share its experiences with home practices, breakthroughs, insecurities and progress. These calls became the highlight of my week not to be missed. In addition to the live classes the learning plateform and the materials are absolutely stunning.

The music playlists, practice sheets, guest videos and beautiful audios are amazing tools I will to continue to use for life to master the arts of pleasure Bibi shared with us. I am so grateful and want to thank Bibi for the time she spent teaching us. Her honest, kind, radiant and beautiful self are an essential part of the magical bubble we were in for 10 weeks!"


I highly recommend the course to everyone. It was life-changing. Bibi created really safe space to share among the women from all over the world.

The practices were amazing. The mix of audios, videos, pdfs, journaling prompts and zoom calls was magical, and we had perfect amount of time to practice, reflect, discuss and grow.


The Course really teaches you how to become new version of yourself, a version that enjoys pleasure, and knows how to find pleasure not outside but within yourself.

I have learnt so much! I had double mastectomy and learnt breast massage and had heart orgasm! I have goosebumps all over my body.
It also changes the dynamic of my relationship!


Million thanks for creating such a beautiful course, a safe space, and a sisterhood of love and trust.
For allowing me to those part of myself that I left dormant.

Through this course I was able to heal a lot of parts of me, part of traumatic parts I did not even think needed healing.



Are you ready to claim your orgasmic potential and live unapologetically in all areas of your life?

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October 6, 2021

Value of Investing in Yourself

10 group coaching calls & Q&A sessions with Bibi Value $5,000

Curated workbooks with theory, practices and tools Value $1,000

Guided homeplays Value $2,000

Bonus guest teacher content Value $3,000

Whatsapp support group priceless! 

Total value of the mentorship $11,000

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*3 monthly payments
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1 on 1 portal with me.

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Up to 4 x 30 min 1 on 1 calls with me during the time of the course.

Access to 2 intimate live practices with me over Zoom, that will be limited to VIP clients only.

1 hour “intro to Energetic Lovemaking" session for you and your potential partner / lover.

Pay in Full for a Chance to Win

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time and day are the live calls and what if I can’t make it?

Live calls are on Wednesdays 10:00 am Pacific Time. All live calls are recorded and posted to the portal within 24 hours so you can watch it in your own time.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

Every week there is a 90 min live Zoom call. You can attend live or watch the recording.

There are also Homeplay Audios. They start with 20 min and go up to 1 hour in the last weeks. You will have a theory summary and some questions to answer in the weekly PDFs, which is another 30 min.

There is also an optional guest teacher practice every week. It varies between 30 min to 1 hour. Again these are optional, so if you are struggling with finding time you can do them at your convenience after the course, as you will have access to the materials.  In total I would say it's between 4 - 5 hours a week.

How long do I have access to the content?

For life! 

Do I need to have a partner for this mentorship?

No you don't. Pleasure is ours and we don't need anyone to feel it. A conscious partner is great, but you are an orgasmic, erotic being with or without a partner. I believe that once you claim your pleasure, you become more radiant and magnetic and it is easier to attract the partner you want.

Is this mentorship for heterosexual women only?

This mentorship welcomes women with all sexual preferences!

I consider myself to be quite advanced and have many personal practices in this space already. Is it worth it for me to take this course?

Meet Bibi

My story is one that many women in business can resonate with. After 15 years of working in finance and banking, fitting into corporate structures and masculine standards, while using fat bonuses, casual sex and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment, I became unhappy and confused. Is this it? Is there nothing more to life? I realized I was in that midlife crisis I always heard others about.

I believed I was too old, not enough and not capable of changing my life trajectory at that point. I lost my mojo and did not seem to find my way out. All changed once I quit my job and embarked on my personal growth journey. And yes it was scary as hell! On that path I came across conscious sexuality and experienced my first full body orgasm at the age of 35. And from that moment everything changed!

I woke up that serpent within me, tapped into my pussy and things started to align both in bed and beyond! I embraced myself as an orgasmic being and started to turn into a radiant, successful woman. I realized sexuality is such a profound tool in developing these skills.

As you begin to freely express yourself in bed, you discover how to tap into your own inherent, sacred energy. Before you know it, you’ll see how seamlessly this translates in other areas of your life.

I soon became even more orgasmic and that allowed me to truly embrace my authentic self and become magnetic. I started to live my truth and people were drawn to it.  

Today I can have 25 orgasms in a row with or without a partner. I am radiant, creative, confident, full of energy and looking and feeling younger than ever. I redesigned my life completely and went from corporate rat race to orgasmic, purposeful living and sex was at the core of that journey.

I saw so many women around me going through similar struggles and made it my mission to share all I found key in that transformation. Over the past years, I’ve shared Energetic Lovemaking with thousands of people across the world, working with women, men and couples, both in group workshops and 1:1 sessions.

I believe that today more than ever; Our world needs women who are dangerously awake and fully alive and unified in heart and purpose. That is why this course is so important for me! I want to make as much positive impact as I can and create an international tribe of awakened, orgasmic, empowered and unapologetic women, so we can change the world together.