Many of us undergo major transformations searching for a fulfilling life, and Bibi is no different. From a career in finance to designing a travel app, sourcing treasures from remote places and designing kaftans and tunics, BiBi's journey took her from her native Poland to Italy, Australia, New York and everywhere else under the sun...but she was still seeking something more.

It wasn't until she discovered the ancient art of Tantra and "conscious sexuality" that Bibi unlocked a powerful key to fulfillment and bliss. This knowledge transformed her life, and it is now the message Bibi hopes to share on her mission. You don't need to become a monk or spend years in an ashram to experience a state of deep self-awareness and expansion. Bibi distills the magic of this timeless philosophy into a concise, entertaining, profound intro talk, complete with easy-to-follow tips that will immediately shift your perspective and have a lasting impact on your sex, your relationships, your creativity, and every other aspect of your personal life.

She now teaches this potent lesson as the Wellness Director at Hotel Nomade in Tulum, Mexico, as well as offering private sessions and group lessons around the world. Over the last year she spoke in Los Angeles, New York, Burning Man, Berlin and Amsterdam. It is her joy and gratitude to spread this message of love!

Together with her best friend Adan, she co-founded the platform that brings together teachers and practitioners from around the world and helps people to dive deeper into the area of conscious relating.